Save the World with a Tiny House ?

How do we save the world with a tiny house ? Well we don’t . We empower one family at a time though !
I have got a lot of responses and emails expressing sadness about my prior circumstance and though a appreciate the love and concern conveyed by everyone I want to reassure you that I am thankful beyond words that I had these experiences for so many reasons. One of the biggest reasons is it has changed my outlook entirely on life. There was a time when I honestly felt if someone lived in poverty it was their choice, either because of their bad decision making or their lack of work ethic or some other flaw they may have. This wasn’t my first expedience with living in poverty as a young single mom of a bunch of kiddo’s we had it rough, but I powered through and fought my way out leaving me to believe everyone else could and should do the same. Poverty is not drug addiction, alcoholism, abuse or laziness, those things afflict people in all walks of life, we can look at Hollywood and see that. Some of the hardest working people I have ever known live in poverty now that I think of it. People getting rich on welfare ? Nope I was on welfare and I can assure you I was not rich. I remember standing in line at the grocery store with a Coach bag on my shoulder just last year. I got the bag at a yard sale for 5 bucks. My intentions was to resell it but before I did I just wanted to use it for a few days. I checked out and reached into my bag and pulled out my EBT card, within seconds the lady behind me let me know I had know business owning a Coach purse. I was crushed… I never used the purse again.

Everything I went through has prepared me for this very moment. To be sitting in my Tiny home on my tiny couch writing this blog so the world can read, poverty is not a sin, for me it was even in many way a gift. THIS GIRL IS DOUBLE BLESSED !! 🙂

Because of this I am searching for a way to start a tiny house community so others like myself can breathe easy and know that they will never be homeless again.

                                                     Now back to the bathroom !!

Now seriously could this get any cooler ?!?!? I am so tickled about how this project is coming out ! For a few pieces of metal roofing and a galvanized troth this is beginning to be one classy bathroom. Now some trimming a few shelves and just the right shower curtain nd we will be Pinterest worthy !!
Thanks to Jays mad skill and my creativity of course HA ! You all feel free to add your comments. I would love to hear (read) what you have to say !!! Meet you back here tomorrow night (HUGS)


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