Creativity ! The TRUTH !

Here’s the TRUTH about being creative about tiny house living ! Pretty isn’t easy ! The only cool and pretty projects that came together the way it should without a hitch so far has been these beauties ! A trip to Walmart, 12.75 and Wulla !!! MUMMS !!

Sometime accidents can turn into something cool. The cement that got dumped on the stair ended up being a signature of sorts for our tiny home. Leave Jay and Noah alone for two minutes and check out what they did !
Back to the truth. In the tiny house world galvanized tubs and metal roofing are common fashion statements for good reason , cost, space and who doesn’t like the country/industrial look ? I thought it would be easy. After all the YouTube video was less than 5 minutes ! In truth it doesn’t come together that quickly or without battle wounds. I definitely could post more on this topic and positive I will in the future !!
Jay will be picking metal out of his arm for a while after trimming the metal roof pieces for the bathroom wall. BUT its sure going to be pretty !
It doesn’t seem to slow him down !! He just started a new tiny house project !
This weekend I’m am in hopes of finishing the bathroom ! I’m so excited and I just know its going to be super cool and easy as pie ! The plan is to build some floating shelves, make an original creative mirror piece. Shelves attached to an industrial pipe for the shower and containers for my toiletries !
Noah and I are off to Home depot for supplies tomorrow night . Come on back tomorrow night and see what we found !



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