TINY HOUSE EARTHQUAKE, another remodeling adventure !

Okay ! Deep breath! After last nights post you are probably all thinking I didn’t get anything accomplished this weekend. Being a mom of a kiddo on the spectrum has really stretched me ! Sometimes we can fall down and get up in one big sweeping stride and that’s what we did ! Part of the reason I am here writing this blog right now, why I bare all is because we are living in a world where people are losing hope. WELL I GOT PLENTY of that so I figured I better share some with you all ! Yes I’ve been stretched, YES I have on many occasions felt like giving up, but I CAN’T and because I CAN’T, I have been given no other choice I’ve had to increased my strength, increased my faith in God and become waaaay more creative 🙂 So check out what we’ve done !

Remember the drift wood from yesterdays post ?

                Well there they ! The budget suddenly did not allow for metal pipe with shelves so I got creative. What do you think ?
                                                            There’s the shelving !



Some mason jars and yard sale shelving and we are ready to rock this bathroom !
A few matching towels this place will be the tiny house Regency !
I Even threw in a homemade Curtain
Score this half finished quilt at a yard sale , threw some clips and hoops on it and SHAZZAM !!
                                 While I was at is  pulled together this little number


I had this mirror kicking around, it was black and cheesy looking but 2.97 bought me a can of spray paint and WALLA !! I had the idea of the branches a few weeks ago and just couldn’t wait to try it. I mean WHY NOT ? What’s the worst thin that could happen ? After I got it together it seemed to be missing something.  Noah and I Headed to the Dollar store in search of some butterflies with no luck. We did find these adorable little birds, Don’t they look cool ?!?!?!  Cost me 3.97 people !!!!
You all remember Jay right ? Well he was over working his magic again ! If you all remember the reason for the bathroom make over ?


WE HAVE A WAGHING MACHINE !!!! I might just have to get this guy a superhero costume !!! He worked on this project all night, so you wanna bet I fed him some pork chops and garden fresh zucchini straight off the grill. But here was the hitch. The spin cycle shakes my whole tiny house !! Things were flying off the walls and shelves !! When I said EARTQUAKE I wasn’t joking. Come on creativity !!!
What was Noah doing during all this you ask ?
Thanks for stopping by !! See you all tomorrow !!!


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