Roman Shades and Gramar, THERE I SAID IT !

I have always loved Roman shades, they just look so, well designerish (I know that’s not an actually word). I mean there are so many possibilities. In a tiny house a girl has got to be creative right ?  There are endless sizes and designs and best of all they can be used to tie in the theme of your home and set the mood. Not to mention the privacy factor ( I’ll just leave that alone) I searched the internet high and low for Roman shades, I combed the thrift stores and the clearance racks. The thing about Roman shades is THEY ARE STINKING EXSPENSIVE ! So I did what I do, I found a DIY video and decided to make them myself. Check this out.

This lady is clear and concise, stepping us easily through every simple step Right ???? Oh and check out those beautiful Roman shades !! I saw this and promptly ran to Walmart and got all the supply’s  I needed. Got home, spread everything out on the floor set up my laptop with the video playing in front of me . I paused the video at ever step. Now you saw her BEAUTIFUL shade.
Here’s My Rendition
Loved LOVED the cloth ! BUT not till I got home and made the shade then put it up did I realize that it goes with nothing else in my house ! Then just incase you didn’t notice it looks NOTHING like the shade in the video AND when I try to pull the shade up it falls off the window. So after I find the right cloth and learn how to cut a straight line I will give this another whirl . If you try it , let me know how it worked for you (then maybe you can show me 🙂 ).
Now for the grammar, YES, YES I know my grammar really leaves a lot to be desired. I mean a LOT, and I’m not even going to try to make excuses here , but deep down I think that spell check has a vendetta against me. Ive had a few emails with “feed back” that have eluded to my grammatical errors (mostly friends blatantly making fun of me)  so I have decided for the integrity of the blog to devote and entire evening to going through every post and HOPEFULLY correcting ALL my mistakes. In the end and over all when we read anything that one has pulled from their heart or imagination to either enrich or impact another’s life I would hope the importance of what the writer is conveying remains the objective of the reader. To make that even easier for you I will work harder !
Hope you all had a blessed day !  See you tomorrow cause I coming with some thoughts about the Tiny house community !


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