Zucchini, Walnut,Blueberry bread and the loft chronicals

We now we are almost done with the bathroom (minus sealing the concrete in tub, the drainage for the washer and some trim) I’m on to bigger things like the LOFTS.
The lofts are super cool and very doable, and they have a surprising amount of room in them. I can actually sit straight up in my King size bed in my loft (if I’m in the middle) ! Check them out !

This is my loft before I moved my bed and a bunch of stuff into it. The picture was taken from the floor so its hard to see how much room there really is. Its actually 4 feet from floor to the tallest part of the ceiling, plus my KING size bed fits in there with a few feet on either side and at the foot.
So the loft isn’t the dilemma, its where to put the stairs/ladder. Right now I have a ladder that pulls down from the floor. The only problem with that is when its down I can’t pull out the hide away bed in the couch which means NO SPARE BEDROOM. Ive moved the ladder three times trying to figure this out. At first my plan was to build stairs with storage against the wall. After putting my ladder against the wall I realize there wasn’t enough head space to climb into the loft safely. Both Jay and I PLUS are at a loss for a solution that I am happy with, So I enlisted some help.
Say HI to Julie and Bobby. Julie is a close friend of mine and Bobby is her husband. Bobby is also a carpenter but not just any carpenter he has actually built and houses for some BIG celebrities ! I am SO SIKED !! They came over last night and Bobby sized the place up, took some measurements and said he would let me know what he could design for me ! ARE THERE SPIRAL STAIRS IN OUR FUTURE ? We will see 🙂
Noahs Loft
Noah’s loft is a lot deeper than this looks as it goes over the bathroom and extends over the porch. My vision is to have it be a tree house type theme. Again the loft rocks, the stairs..well a bit of a problem.
My plan is to build a set of stairs into this wall beside the bathroom door. They will go over the washing machine and into the loft
Neither Jay or Bobby seemed to impressed with this idea but I’m thinking it will save valuable space that either another ladder or stair case would take.
Zucchini, Walnut, Blueberry bread
As I sat here writing all this in deep thought and contemplation a knock came on the door. I didn’t tell you guys this but I have THE ABSOLUTE BEST  neighbors !!! Countless times I have come home from work to bags of goodies on my front step, fresh zucchini, tomatos, cucumbers YUM !! Well tonight I was here as she came with her gifts PLUS Zucchini, Walnut blueberry bread so I was able to give her a GREAT BIG HUG ! Love me some SWEET people( the bread was amazing to !).
Well that’s all for tonight folks. Feel free to share your thoughts and idea’s ! I look forward to reading from you 🙂
Till tomorrow !!!


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