Most people who know me know that I’m a devote Christian. Its no secret. I have a deep relationship with God for lots of reasons, that is part of MY story and though I would be ABSOLUTELY happy to share with you Jesus is a gentleman, he does not push himself on anyone, neither will I. With that said when I talk about my tiny house community I get teased( mostly in good fun). I mean EVEN Christians like tiny houses RIGHT ?

So let get down and dirty and talk about the fun stuff !! Tiny house communities !

When people think about tiny house communities often they think of something like this

They are cute but not for me, seriously, could you imagine Noah and I in one of those ?
I can tell you is would not end well (probably for me)
These are kind of cute
I like the colors and even the design but we live in MAINE, we don’t like to look at each other all the time up here, how about some elbow room !
I was thinking something like this
Aaaaah the fresh air, the smell of pine needles !


                       Yup ! That’s what I’m thinking when I think tiny house community, I think of these.
Where are the neighbors you ask ? Well of course they are there. They are just not shoved up my “need my space” Maine BUTT !
   In my minds eye I am walking through this tiny house community that has private gardens and community gardens, it has a large community space that everyone has access to or not. If you like to be communal you can, If not you don’t have to be and I’m not going to get whacked in the mouth when you get up and stretch in the morning. When you have a tiny house you (or at least I ) need a big outside, and face it us Maina’s are a private breed of people. The deal is to be able to achieve the dream of home ownership with out paying for that choice for the rest of your life. To be able to own your own home EVEN if you live on a fixed income or a blue collar pay check. AND for all you rich people who want to have a small foot print on this planet COME ON OVER !!
Tomorrow I want to talk design !! Feel free to share your ideas, inspirations or just to stop by and yak !!
                             Come on back ! I will be here tomorrow night



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