Design and Friday Evening For Single Autism Mom.

Autism mom… some people think we wear it like a badge of strength or maybe we are looking for sympathy or attention , most people get tired of talking about autism EVERY time they see us. It was a bit fascinating at first but COME ON lady get a life ! Let me tell you a little bit about why we talk about our child’s autism ALL the time. Because we live it ALL the time. Are we complaining ? Nope. Are we asking for sympathy ? Nope.
Our lives are isolating and often times we are the only ones left… everyone else walked away from our beautiful children or live some where on the out skirts of our lives, send us a message on facebook or an email here and there.
You won’t see us out much as we don’t have a sitter. When we do go to social functions without childcare we usually leave early so our child wont cause disruption or we can no longer subject them to all the painful stimuli that comes with so many faces and noises and transitions. If there is childcare we are asked to stay with our child as they don’t feel “qualified” to watch them (which may be true). Our social interaction often means we have to manage kiddos behavior, our own reaction all while educating others at the same time….honestly its just a lot of work, so we just hang out and except our relationships are internet based, oh and write blogs (at least I do)Oh yes and dating ???? HAHAHHA ! NOPE !
A tiny house works for us, really we don’t get much company. So when I( or another Autism parent) talk to you at nauseam about my/their child’s autism know that I truly am grateful for this beautiful child of mine and as challenging it as it is for me , its even harder for him ! I just miss everyone else…

Speaking of design, anyone got any design ideas for stairs to this loft ?

Thank you all for stopping by ! I will be back tomorrow and its Saturday so I will post pictures of tomorrows project !!


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