Shower Curtains, CEMENT and the Farmer and the Bell.

Woke up to a beautiful crisp fall morning. Popped a HEALTHY banana, pecan, chocolate chip banana bread in the oven and made a pot of hazelnut coffee. Soon I was sitting cozy on my little porch in my chair with my fuzzy blanket and a steaming cup of the delicious brew. WOW do I love FALL ! Noah stayed warm under the blankets with his tablet intently watching a bigfoot documentary like he was just seeing it for the first time (in all actuality he knows the script verbatim).  I wrote my list of everything we needed for todays projects, threw sweat pants and sweat shirts on both of us, grabbed us a slice of warm bread and of we went chocolatey fingers and all.

Gluten free/ sugar free /Banana/Pecan/Chocolate Chip Bread


First stop was to grab my friend Wendy. She need a ride to the vet my big plan was hold her hostage for the morning so   A. I could talk to another adult. B. Get a few laughs (shes hysterically funny) and C. have and extra hand with Noah so do some things.
                                       After the vet our first stop was at the farmers market.
For a small farmers market, we scored BIG time ! I dragged back a huge bag of ORGANIC vegetables and a bottle of lemon ginger kombucha for 6 BUCKS !! YEAH ME !!
After we hit the BEST thrift store in the area. The place is HUGE with several small rooms, they even have a Christmas room. I was there looking for curtains. That’s right, I threw in the towel on the whole Roman shades idea, I caved ! I’m WEAK ! But just wait until you see the curtains !
St. Sebastian’s Thrift store
I was hoping to get some more pictures but honestly I knew I had about 10 minutes to find curtains before Noah would HAVE to go to the toy room( that was the blackmail) and my shopping trip would be over. This picture was just the cloth section !
We got home and I threw together a crockpot of Italian wedding soup LOADED with the veggies from the farmers market.
                                                             Italian Wedding Soup
Project time !
While I was at St, Sebastian’s I also found the cutest shower hooks and considering one of my projects today was to install a homemade/custom made/ Rebecca fly by the seat of her pants made shower rod and curtain they were an awesome find ! First, I just want you all to know it is next to impossible to find a small hoop shower rod ANYWHERE and if you do it cost over 100 BUCKS ! NOPE ! I got this ! I pulled the hoop out of Noah’s neglected trampoline and WALLA! A shower ROD !! SCORE ! Now the problem was how to get it to hang from the ceiling, So I sat on my toilet and looked at it and thought and thought and thought !! Finally I HAD IT ! I dug through my box of stuff under the sink and pulled out some hooks, then I taped the hoop to the ceiling and screwed the hooks down, then dropped the hoop in to the bend on each hook and SHAZZAM !! A shower rod !!
Check this out !
Don’t you just LOVE the shower hooks ?!?!?!
                          On top of it all I found this chair !!! Isnt it stinking cute ???!!! 10 BUCKS !!
                                                                  There was a hitch
Yup ! That’s my foot print ! Before I left this morning I slapped  a coat cement sealer on the floor of my little tub. The directions SAID it could handle traffic after 4 hours, so after 8 hours I stepped in to the tub to hand up my shower curtain and GUESS WHAT ! Oh well, we will cross that bridge tomorrow.
            AND if life just couldn’t get any better, I told you I found the PERFECT curtains
Thinking I will be in the yard tomorrow working on some projects out there !!
Pictures too come !!
Thanks for stopping by ! See you all tomorrow !


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