SWINGING from the Rafters ! Hiding from the Grinch !!

Whewhoo !!! Got some stuff done today !! Boy OH BOY does a GOOD Sunday sermon get me pumped !! Some good OLE country preaching can put a shine on just about any day. AND let me tell you, I was feeling a bit tired today, this blessed life of mine has been a lot of work lately !

Now I know the big plan was to get some stuff done outside but as I putted along picking up stuff and tidying up the yard my back said ENOUGH is ENOUGH .

Still looking pretty CUTE out here 🙂


To be honest with you that super cool wrap around couch in my living room does pull out into a quite comfy little bed but its not MY BED!
I’m not getting any younger and my body is rather particular to my memory foam mattress SO off I went back into the house to stare at my loft. As you ALL know I have been struggling with the placement of the stairs/ladder. Well I finally caved in and though this may not be the finally resting place of the route my loft it IS going to get me to MY BED !

                                                        Ok their not so bad right ?

My next task was to build some railings so I don’t break my neck trying to appease my back. I saw all kinds of ideas on YouTube but again I am going to be honest with ya, those handy guys with all their fancy tools giving all their instructions kind of sounds like a bunch of gibberish to me. So off  I go outside with my hand saw and screw gun figuring I would just wing it and hope for the best. I’m sawing away and Noah is running in and out of the house, saying something about the Grinch. So I got my wood all cut up and forgot the screws. Mean while Noahs sitting on the steps with his chin in his hand looking like that statue “the thinker “, as I walked pasted him he said “I wouldn’t go in there”, of course I’m thinking “UH  OH ! ” I went to turn the door knob and that’s when I realized Noah had locked us out !! I looked back at Noah and said “WHY BUDDY ? ” ” I locked him out ” he responded. WHO ? Oh ya THE DAMN GRINCH ! UHG ! So of course you all know who I called ! JAY ! No answer UHG ! So we both sat on the steps as I tried to figure out how to get the air conditioner out of the window, thing weighs as much as a COW ! We sat there about 20 minutes or so and guess WHO comes driving in JAY !!! YEAH !!! He gets out of his car and takes one look at my half finished railings and says” whatcha doing ? ” building railings, I said proudly. Jay shakes his head, I think he kind of smiled a bit as he loaded my half finished project in to his car. “I’ll be back in a bit” he said as he drove off. Oh yes and he did get my door open again.


These puppy’s are going up tomorrow night after work. JAY saves the day again !! Thank you Jay !!
The moral of the story is, there are still good people let in this world. AND I’m sleeping in MY OWN BED TONIGHT !!

GOOD NIGHT ALL ! Pictures of the installed railings tomorrow !!!


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