Rails, Nails and WHATS THAT GUNK ??

Can everybody say IT’S MONDAY !?!?!?! What a Monday it is ! Well to start out it was Noah’s first day at his new childcare. Now Noah’s not to partial to the first of anything . Up until now my close friend Wendy was the only one to EVER watch Noah and he was just fine with that. About 2 months ago Wendy broke the news, she’s moving. I tried to entice her stay everyway I knew how, tried to bribe her, blackmail her even considered kidnapping her 10 year old Dachshund and holding him for ransom but nothing worked, Really I am grateful for the time she spent with Noah and her love and patience. So today was the first day and guess what ! HE NAILED IT !! BUT He must have held it in all day because 10 minutes after he got home he was a HOT MESS !

This a forget everything everywhere and chase my tail around kind of day, at some point I just decided to roll with it and do it anyway !

We ALMOST got the rails done

Still a little more left to do but considering little Mister was spinning around in circles at the bottom of Jays ladder, I commend him for getting this done as much as he did. He finally gave in and got down and played the kiddo silly. In the commotion Jay had lost his glasses.
Then the on going mystery of the nondrying cement sealer. I figured that since now I had my washer all hooked up ready to go I should probably try to use it . Then for some mysterious reason it spent over an hour filling. When I went to investigate I found I had another problem as well.
Yes that is my washer drain hose( next project). My washer is draining instead of filling all the way, who knows why. Then the cement sealer that was SUPPOSE to dry completely in 3 hours, 3 days later turned to gunk when exposed to water !!!
                             OOOH AND DID ANYONE SAY SLEEP !!!??? I spent half the night looking down from the loft checking in on little mister, I finally gave up and laid down with him YAAAAWN !!
                 We I’m outa here tonight but tomorrow we are back in business !!
                                         Noah ? Well he’s always in business

Edit: Woke up this morning and figured I should reread my post, I was EXHASTED last night ! Well as you can see I did some edits and probably missed a few !

                                                     I did find Jays glasses !! 





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