HOW DO I GET A TINY HOUSE YOU ASK ? Pst I got a secret !

The all time TOP comments I get are “OMG !! I WANT A TINY HOUSE SOOOO BAD ! ” and the second TOP is this question ” HOW DO I GET A TINY HOUSE ?”

WELL Lets start the conversation then. FIRST of all TINY means something different to different people. My tiny means 200 sqft, to someone else it 200 sqft isn’t “really” a tiny house, if your going to be hard core you have to be under 150 sqft. Others cant stretch out in 300 sqft , and still there are some that consider 500 sqft a closet space. Listen there are no hard set rules to what is tiny to you. For me when I thought tiny the first thing I thought long and hard about is what do I REALLY NEED. I need low or no utility bills, I need no mortgage, but I also need a washing machine a bathtub and full size appliances. 200 sqft fit the bill. Someone else might be fine with a tiny fridge, a toaster oven and living in 100 sqft. Others may need say a Jacuzzi and need 500 sqft.

My Tiny house had a life before me. It was a barn/shed something like this.

It was bought used and gutted by Jay last fall and he installed all the basics. The used shed was only a few thousand dollars. BUT for about a thousand dollars, some reclaimed materials and some elbow grease you could start here.

Don’t be scared, yes it is a lot of work but with that said its not all rocket science .
Or you could do I do. I watch YouTube. This guy seems to know what he’s doing.
The other thing you can do is go to one of those Rent to own shed lots and buy one over time and finish it yourself or pay to have some one to do it for you.
Well neither did I. I lease a lot for 200 a month, it includes water and sewage. Be creative, explore trailer parks, RV parks, a family members back yard, remember these Tiny houses can be moved relatively cheep on a flat bed even if you don’t have wheels. AND you know I will sit my butt right here while I finish paying off my Tiny House and saving up for my own property! Like I said NO MORGAGE is the goal !! You may want to check your local regulations before investing, you may even consider moving to a town that is more flexible. In the end the question is “what are you willing to do to have the freedom of home ownership and start from there.
This is just the beginning of the thousands of ways to have a tiny house, really your are only limited to your imagination. I have only touched on this subject tonight but I will come back to it soon, and hopefully with an interview with someone who builds tiny houses !!
Stay tuned, stay tiny DREAM BIG !!

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