I WANT IT ALL ! The TINY house storage story >

So my guess is every single one of you have said to yourselves. HMMMM Where does she put everything ? Well here is the done low on that. I spent the better half of the last 10 or so years collecting tiny house storage ideas, now I’m in my Tiny house I have realized that a LOT of them look good but aren’t very functional. Like floor storage for example, it looks cool, seems like a good idea until your STANDING on the floor in a TINY house that is suppose to have storage IN it. NOPE not for this girl. Vertical storage is ok to a point but once you go beyond that point you feel like your living in a tiny matrix, so light on the vertical storage. So what does that leave ? Right now for me two things.  We have 10 outfits a piece for each season. Out of season cloths will go in secure top tubs and be stored in the house this year. Next year maybe I will have a tiny storage shed. That means having clothes that are versatile. My work requires I have office casual attire so I have cloths that can be spiced up with a scarf and a few pieces of jewelry or worn with a sweatshirt on the weekends plus a dirty work outfit. Noahs outfits were easy, he only wears jogging pants/shorts, Tshirts and many other variations of soft stretchy clothing EASY. Here is my cloths storage at the moment.

In the baskets you see along the wall are ALL mine and Noah’s cloths the big baskets are shirts in one and pants in the other, the smaller baskets are for socks and unmentionables . Though the baskets are cute this is temporary until I feel confident in watching enough YouTube videos to attempt to build a storage unit under the couch. It will look something like this.
Only I will take the legs off my couch and sit the couch on top of a storage unit. That will free up space behind the couch and make that space look and feel more open.
I will also build in storage in the between beams of the under the loft, over the living room space for smaller items.
As for kitchen and bathroom storage I am working on a few ideas, I will get back to you on those.
If you have storage ideas or hacks you would like to share be sure to post in the comments.
Big day tomorrow ! We are off to the cardiologist for our first follow up after little misters heart surgery a few weeks ago . The BIG plan is to visit his FAVORITE Walmart Yes Kiddo has a favorite Walmart !!!
Thanks again for ALL your support !! We have literally THOUSANDS of views from all over the WORLD in just the 2 weeks Tiny House On The Spectrum has been live !!! The goal is to gain enough support to build a tiny house community !! Don’t miss a minute of this EXCITING JOURNEY !!
                                             See you all tomorrow !!!

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