Smiling to my self ON my TINY house porch :)

Well its Friday night people !!! Kicked back and smiling to myself . Its simply surreal just sitting here on my tiny house porch, I’m just TICKLED !! INSPIRED !! Got my feet up on my porch rail, just got done yacking with my FAVORITE sister (pass tense sister  inlaw BUT I wanted to keep HER) she’s got the tiny house FEVER as well AND OOOOH BOY is it cool when you get to talk with some one who is OBSESSED with the same obsession as you ?? !! I got to tell ya this lady is tough, retired Army and been through the wringer BUT if anyone could pull off a tiny house it would be her !! AND she would make it fancy to boot !!

Tonight I’m feeling like a bit of relaxing is in order. I got a full weekend of projects I cant wait to share with you BUT tonight I’m sucking in some inspiration and I want to pass it on to you ALL !!


(This is me)

                                                        HERE’S YOUR PRESENT !!!


       I didn’t create this but this but let me tell you, had I thought of it I would had !! Hope you all enjoy and TONIGHT Be good to yourself !! Reflect on the blessings in you life AND RELAX !! I’m going to !!!

See you all tomorrow !!!!

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