CRAZY busy weekend here ! Who would think a girl could run around in circles for 48 hours and get so little accomplished !!??? Yup I had big plans this weekend ! I WAS all set to get my loft finished and Noah’s started, the skirting stained BUT we were FORCED to go to the fair Saturday and REALLY who could miss out on a time like this ???

After 6 hours at a fair riding rides and eating UNRULEY amounts of FAIR food neither of us were feeling particularly well by the time we got home last night.
GAME ON TODAY. I got ahold of this BURLY dude today and his GIGANTIC  truck !
Meet my oldest son Nathanial (or as we like to call him BIG Nate)


Nope he’s not standing on a chair and yes those are beams that go through a 11 foot cathedral ceiling behind him !
We was off to home depot ! We got the plywood for Noah’s loft, some 2x4s and some 2x6s all loaded in his GIGANTIC truck and now its in a big stack in the loft just WAITING ! I can barely stand it !If kiddo wasn’t sound to sleep I would be up there hammering away right now ! I’ve got BIG plans for his loft, I’m thinking either an ARK theme OR a tree house Theme. What do you all think ???

                   OOOOH and CHECK OUT my AWESOME yardsale find !!!


This baby right her is going to be my pot rack ! That’s right ! A GREAT BIG pot rack for my little tiny house. I have no idea what it was in its past life but I do know what its going to be now.  Its going to be SO stinking cool !!
The BIG plan for tonight was suppose to be an INTERVIEW with JAY ! BOY OH BOY what an interview it was!!  BUT as I was sitting here writing patiently watching and WAITING (there’s that word again) its been 2 HOURS since I started uploading the video and its only on 7% AND the upload time is showing in measurements of hours not minutes UHG ! So if you want tip and tricks of the trade. If you want to know how to do this Tiny house thing from scratch with a VERY small budget. Come on back here tomorrow night because I WILL be posting it for you all !!



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