I finding out quickly that the rules in a tiny on the spectrum can change QUICKLY. Rules that were import like DON’T EAT ON THE COUCH take a back seat to this very very VERY import rule that was not really high on my list in a 3 bedroom home. The number one RULE in a tiny house BELIEVE it or not is something you would NEVER EVER think of most any place else. I even write this RIGHT NOW with the straightest of face, are you ready for it ??? NEVER EVER EVER FART in a tiny house !!!! This is not a joke people !! As I rite this right now I am hiding on my porch with the door wide open waiting for Noah’s lactose intolerant little belly to settle down !

The man behind the Hammer ??? I know you are all waiting for this AWESOME interview I did with Mr Jay last night and I got to tell you all its been a frustrating ordeal trying to get the video up loaded. I mean I have tried everything short of just jumping up and down and crying to get this video to you all BUT unfortunately after finally up loading it for the zillionth time it finally published on YouTube (according to the message the page gave me) when I went to find it was GONE !! So now I am uploading it AGAIN and we still 188 minutes before its done !! Rule number 2 NEVER EVER THINK FOR EVEN A SECOND thinks won’t change.

                   So this is what got done tonight


These are the inside rails on my loft, the rails that will save my life when I’m half asleep trying to get to the powder room in a rush in the middle of the night. Honestly I have NO idea ho Jay pulled this one off with me on the couch muttering obscenities in a power struggle with my computer and Noah literally spinning in circles around the poor guys feet BUT not only DID he do it, he did a good job and walked out of here smiling !! TINY HOUSE on the SPECTRUM rule number 3, lots of people are curious and want to check out the tiny house and its inhabitants BUT its a great filter, only the REAL friends stick around ! HOW BLESSED WE ARE 🙂

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