Whats it REALLY like to live Tiny????

We have officially lived in our tiny house now for almost 2 MONTHS !! Can you believe it !!! ??
So NOW I can REALLY tell you what its like ! People ask me a lot of questions and NOW I REALLY can give you all educated HONEST answers.

Here’s some of the questions I’ve been asked :

Don’t you feel cramped ?

Usually no. Having a kiddo with autism, or we will say having MY kiddo with autism has always meant I have a space invader in my life, though he does not like to BE touched he sure does like to touch, bang, tap, squeeze, squish and INSIST we talk incessantly about his preferred topics ( i.e the HULK) . So do I feel cramped sometimes YES but no more than I did in my three bedroom home.

How is Noah doing in such a restricted space ?

Having a large space for Noah gives him more room to flail around and no boundaries or space limitations, for him that means he can spin right out of control. Having the smaller space seems to make him feel safer and more in control.

Can you really SLEEP in that  LOFT ?

Well I’m going to be HONEST with you, there are no windows in my loft, the first time I slept up there I did feel a bit claustrophobic, so I just simply spun myself around and instead of sleeping with my head to the back of the loft, I sleep with my head to the front . Noahs still sleeping on the pull out couch until his loft is done. If I sleep with my head to the front of the loft I can just look over the edge and see him as well.

What about having company over ?

So far I’ve the most people I’ve had in the house at one time is 5. Because I have a couch that seats 5 comfortable or 6 cozy and because I have cathedral ceilings everyone seemed to be feeling like they had their own space.

Where do you eat ?

Right now I have a small table that also doubles as a coffee table in front of the couch but in the future I plan on having a fold out bar top and seats( that will be project 257)

What is the biggest problem your dealing with right now ?

The only thing that is even remotely uncomfortable for me right now is at night when Noahs asleep I have to be really quiet, no tv or video’s ect. I’m not really a tv person so it doesn’t bother me much but it does prevent me from having company IN the house in the evening. Getting his loft done will remedy that. Until then we all just hang out on the porch.

What if you get married ? Where will you put the hubby ?

If I do ever meet THE ONE , he can bring his Tiny house on over and hook it on to mine and we will have a bigger tiny house :p

                                                                    Good Night Folks !!
                                                    See you all back here tomorrow 🙂


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