Appalachian Trail leads to a Tiny house in Maine

Now if you all remember from my first post Introducing !!! my dream was to hike the  Appalachian trail (might still happen) there was a reason behind that. Several years ago I read the book “blind courage” about a blind man that hiked the AT, his name was Bill Irwin. Within just a few days after finishing the book I was driving down route 1 in Belfast Maine when I saw a sign in big black letters  MEET AUTHUR BILL IRWIN HERE NEXT SUNDAY ! WOW ! I was sooooo stinking excited ! It was Tuesday evening and I could barely contain my excitement for 5 whole days !! Finally the day came and I sat in the audience and listened to his account of hiking the AT. Like hiking the AT isn’t hard enough, but blind to boot  !! To listen to Bill and how his journey change his life and inspired thousands was incomprehensible to me. At the end of the presentation he sat in the lobby and spoke to every single person that had attended with his dog Orient (the3rd) sitting patiently beside him. I wanted to just plow through the audience and just plunk my butt right down and ask him a billion questions but I was able to reel myself in and wait until everyone else had left. I talked to Bill for an hour, it was one of the most important conversations of my life. We exchanged email addresses and went on our way.  I emailed him the second I got home that night and to my surprise he emailed me back. Though I never saw Bill again as he died just a few short years later, we continued to email until he was to ill to do so. Has this journey of mine and Noah’s been difficult ?  Absolutely ! Bill estimated he fell thousands of times on the trail BUT he got back up, because of his faith and endurance his tragedy  was turn into his greatest legacy !  He inspired me to get back up no matter how hard the fall. That trail has brought me here to tonight , snuggled with my little boy, in my tiny house writing to you all. Now where will you take it ? Check out his story in this cool video !


Please feel free to post your comments! See you all tomorrow !


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