I bet you were all wondering WHERE THE HECK is my Tiny House On The Spectrum post last night ! ? Well here’s the deal. I got my BIG girl pants on and got my VERY OWN DOMAIN !!! I was up until the WEEE hours trying to figure all this out ! If you got here through Blogspot tonight and was redirected, its because I found the video on how to redirect you to my new spot here on the world wide web on YouTube AND IT WORKED !! This place is still a mess and I’m not really sure how to do this whole website building thing BUT didn’t know how to do the whole Tiny House thing either and HERE WE ARE FOLKS ! So please excuse my appearance and enjoy this exciting ride with me !!

action carefree cropland daylight
Photo by Olga on

Tomorrow it is game on (With pictures !) !! I have visitors coming to see the tiny house this weekend so I got work to do but for tonight I’m going to get back to work and make this site ALL PRETTY and functional so you all can have a nice place to come and hang out in the evening .

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