The Loft Dwelling Elephant Man.

Here at the Tiny House On The Spectrum things change every day, the only thing we actually “know” for sure is we live in a Tiny house and Autism is a part of every day of our lives, some days more than others. This was a some day. The last few days my little mister has been having increasingly more behaviors, Friday was rough, Saturday was rougher and today OFF THE CHARTS ! Friday I thought meh, maybe he’s just tired, its been a long week, yesterday my antenna went up and I started looking for signs of illness or infection. Though Noah is verbal he usually isn’t able to tell me when he’s sick or in pain. I did notice a little cough, a little clear runny nose but nothing alarming. WELL today I rolled over opened my eyes and the first thing I see is Noah’s GREAT BIG CHEEK…. yup, it was swollen, actually it was so swollen he resembled the elephant man (poor guy). This isn’t my first rodeo with the elephant man face and mister, he gets stones in his salivary glands, usually a big bag of sour patch kids and some ibuprofen ,the spit starts moving and the swelling goes down. That does not seem the case this time.  Spoke with his pediatriction tonight and we are off to see him and possible a surgeon tomorrow.   They are going to LOVE (sarcasm) to see this spinny, banging, biting, hitting  72 pound ball of anxiety tomorrow.

Even through it all we did have a HUGE success today !! Noah’s is TERRIFIED of heights, which as you can imagine could create a problem if your bed is in a LOFT. Ive been tip toeing around this for the last several weeks but not really pushing as his loft is not finished yet BUT GUESS WHO IS SLEEPING IN THE LOFT !!!!! YEAH !!!

elepaht man


PROUD MAMMA RIGHT HERE !! Thank you all for visiting !! See you tomorrow !!

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