The Navigator


mountains nature arrow guide   Raining dogs and cats up here in Gods country.  In this tiny house with a metal roof there is NO ignoring it. The rain and the damp cool air, the tip, tap, tip tap on the roof  the smell of hot spicy tea steaming on the coffee table is kinda making me feel a bit reflective. This blogging thing has been so exciting ! I am floored at how many people are reading and the correspondence I get. It just tells me that people are ready to throw in the fluff and trade it in for real. Real like my horrible grammar ! Honestly if its real the grammar doesn’t slow things down. I think we as a nation are getting a belly full of all the reasons way we “can’t” when really “can’t” isn’t the right word. I see more and more people asking “how” and then following through with the courage to learn and try and fail and get back up. I see this trend emerging through the tiny house movement. I see it rising through necessity in a world were a masters degree will barely earn a person a livable wage, add the collage loans your paying off and its Raman noodle time. If you weren’t fortunate enough to go to collage most of you are pretty well screwed THATS RIGHT I SAID IT ! Yes its a slap in the face but slowly one  by one people ARE stepping up and NAVIGATING their way through it. Listen people, we all have days but don’t let those days steal your life. GET UP ! Cheer a brother or sister on !! Don’t disregard their plight NAVITGATE  ! Ladies trim down those nails and put up your hair, get out your hammer. NO its not easy your right ! YES you will screw it up, maybe a few BILLION times ! Guys ITS OK if you don’t know how to use a band saw NOBODY was BORN with that skill. Regardless of your situation or how many times you have failed or how unfair or screwed you are NAVIGATE through it. Knock on every door you come to until the right one opens. Fight for your freedom from 30 year mortgages and get your hands dirty and know that we here at the Tiny House On The Spectrum is cheering you all on as you cheer us on. ❤

Have a great evening all ! See you tomorrow night !!

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