Tiny House Heat And Hot Water.

I bet you are all wondering right now with winter just around the corner the best way to heat a tiny house. I’ve been thinking that too. I’ve done a bunch of research and here is what I’ve come up with.

Right now I am on the grid but plan on taking my little home off grid in a few years. Here are some on grid options.

This is a cool little set up for under 150 dollars !


OR you could go with a mini split heat pump. they are a bit more expensive( 800+ bucks) but everyone I know that has one  LOVES them.


Or you could do what I do and get one of these babies:

electric fire place

I have this exact fireplace, works perfectly and cost less than a 100 bucks a month to heat my tiny house last winter.

Their are lots of other options that include propane heaters and marine heaters but for me when narrowing down the list, I think I’m going to stick with my fireplace until we go off grid.

To go off grid I am still doing a bunch of research but I’m thinking at this point I will go with a rocket stove mass heater. That will work great for me because my house is not on wheels.

Choosing a heat source  in a tiny house is tricky. If you go to big the heat will be over whelming, if you go to small you will freeze you butt off. I for one am going to continue to research the best choice for us.

Hot water heaters

When Noah and I moved into the tiny house I had to make a lot of tough decisions. One of those was the hot water heater. Jay had installed a 35 gallon hot water heater in the loft that soon will be Noah’s bedroom. It took up a ton of space in our tiny house so I opted to pull it out and originally bought a on demand hot water heater ( about 375 bucks), after buying it and having a “professional ” come out to install it I found out to do the work I needed done to have it installed I would be WAY over my budget. I reluctantly returned the on demand heater and then drove to home depot and bought a 10 gallon hot water heater for 275. I was REALLY concerned that we would be taking cool or even cold showers this winter . Once installed and used with a low flow shower head I was relieved to find I can easily take a 10 minute shower nice and warm and up to 15 minutes luke warm. Its plenty for dishes as well. For one or two people trust me people you will be just fine with a 10 gallon tank if you alternate showers and give 30 minutes for a full recovery.

Its hump day and we are headed straight for the weekend !

Enjoy your evening ! See you all back here tomorrow 🙂





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