Tonight we did our ritual bedtime routine, Noah brushed his teeth, said our prayers and sang a little lullaby and then I sat on the couch and checked my email. After a tough week I was just drooling, my brain was mush, that’s when I saw it , the add for Publishers Clearing House. My brain suddenly started to whirl with memories of my step father filling out all the entries and picking out the one cent magazines(us older people remember these) religiously every year. He just knew he was going to get a knock on our door one day and this life were he had to break his back to just barely get by  would all be over. The guy would come in his fancy suit with balloons, flowers and a Gigantic check with his name on it. I knew that he knew it was just a door to a day dream but it was nice to see the glimmer in his usually grumpy eyes. Tonight I went on my own trip. What if I played and I WON ??? What would I do ?? My brain went everywhere but we ALL know with me in the end I ALWAYS come back to my tiny house dream or to be even more specific my dream of starting a tiny house community, where families could experience home ownership and excel up and through the ceiling of poverty. If I won a billion dollars OH boy could I be creative !! Over the years I have consider all sorts of tiny houses.

Tiny houses on wheels

Tiny homes made with shipping containers

Tiny home Yurts

Earthship tiny homes

Hay bail Tiny homes

Floating tiny homes

Sand bag tiny home

Adobe tiny homes

Just to name a few…. If I were a billionaire the sky would be the LIMIT, I would build them all and more until I found the perfect efficient tiny home for every geographic and then I would start organizing community projects. I can just see it in my minds eye, how beautiful would it be !?!?! No I didn’t sign up for Publishers Clearing house tonight. In reality I know that part of the experience is the community that welcomes and supports finding creative ways to help support their impoverished members into success. That is where the foundation of these tiny house communities will come from and the staying power will be the results of  the hard work it will take to get there. This is more than a day dream for me. The first house has been built, another is being built and now I am here writing this blog . What’s next ? I’m not sure but what I am sure of is I will be here with this dream that is ever so slowly becoming reality.

Thank you all for stopping by ! I would love to read your thoughts so please comment and don’t forget to follow me  ! See you all tomorrow !


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