Well Ladies and Gents. I woke up this morning feeling POWERFUL! I climbed down from the loft with Noah in tow and decided THIS is the DAY ! Bottom line is this, people have lives, they have projects of their own and because of that I NEED MORE THAN A SCREW DRIVER AND A HAND SAW ! So OFF I went to the Tiny town of Liberty Maine to my favorite place to buy tools ” Liberty Tools”. This is one of the BEST kept secrets in ALL of New England ! I could tell you all about it but I took pictures so you ALL could see just how COOL this place REALLY is. This place is like a candy store for old timer craftsmen and anyone with a creative edge and not a bunch of money.

When you first walk in it’s a bit overwhelming !

  This place has three floors of mostly tools with a mix of odd and useful or not so useful stuff. At first you will have no idea where to start but after THREE hours of looking and digging you won’t want to leave. A true paradise for us Tiny house building people on a budget.


I dug and dug right next to a few old salty men who watched me clearly curious as to what on earth I was doing there.


I mean look at this ! A whole new level of COOLNESS ! How could I not be there ?  I mean with the tools in this place a girl could build just anything ! You should had seen the look on those guys faces when I marched my butt out of there with an arm full of tools ! I dragged home a skill saw, a gig saw, a level, two squares a few things I don’t know the name of(but I know what they are for) and 3 jars full of nails ALL FOR UNDER 30 BUCKS! As I was loading all my prized finds into my car I turned and saw one of those old guys standing in the parking lot looking at me, he waved  smiled and shot me a wink, I think I heard him chuckle to himself as he walked

So you might have noticed lots has chanced on my site today ! I just want to thank my son who is all the waaaay on the other side of the pond in the UK for cleaning things up around. If any of you need a techie guy go ahead and shoot him a message .

Thank you all for stopping by !! See you tomorrow !

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