A Cup Of Warm Cider And Cinnamon

Woke up this morning to a freezing drizzle, the sound of the rain tapping on the metal roof and my alarm blaring downstairs on the counter. I deliberately put my alarm on the most annoying sound setting for days like this, It would be to tempting to cozy back up to my little mister and stay warm under my ratty old down comforter and go back to sleep. Yes the comforter is ratty, I’ll admit it but its warm, big and comfortable , it smells good too. Until I get a spare 200 dollars or a great yard sale find its staying right on my bed. There is a lot to be said for daube covers after all. At any rate I wobbled my way down the ladder, shut off the alarm, got yesterdays left over coffee out of the refrigerator , poured it in a cup and popped it in the microwave and got the day started.  I sat on the couch sipping my coffee and looked at Noah’s unfinished loft, my schedule didn’t allow for a trip to Home Depot today to get the vent for the bathroom, maybe tomorrow ?

The two things in our lives over the last several months that have been consistent is 1. there has been a lot of change 2. Neither Noah or I like a lot  of change. Tonight Noah met yet another new staff, unfortunately the turn over in the support staff world is high, I get it, its a demanding job but its hard on Noah and I both. To the point I have thought a lot lately about just not having staffing at all. That would mean I would really have to up my game. The problem is I just simple don’t have “game” every single day of the year or even hour of the day, so I’m torn, Noah is and always has been at high risk for abuse , having new staff is scary because its impossible to know what their reaction could A. Because he is behavioral B. His communication barriers prevent him from telling me if someone were to hurt him. So what is an autism mom to do ? I haven’t decided but what I am going to do is cut a slice of the gluten free, artificial sweeter free, sugar free, low carb pumpkin bread I just made, poor a cup of warm cider and cinnamon and relax to some music and try not to think about it for now.  I would love your suggestions, thoughts or experiences on this topic so please comment below !!!

See You All Tomorrow !


2 thoughts on “A Cup Of Warm Cider And Cinnamon”

  1. Tough call on the staffing – I was always concerned with that as well. Primarily the reason I never tried to find him a babysitter when he was younger. His staff were at his school – which I really liked because there was a room of people. If a staff person was having a bad day, there was someone else to step in. And I felt they were less likely to hurt Declan with other people watching them. I say enjoy the heck out of that pumpkin bread and cider for now – sounds delicious!


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