Stairs, Vents and Hair Elastics

I’m am so excited about the long weekend !! My goals are to finally get Noah’s loft done. Work on his stairs and maybe JUST maybe stain my cupboards. This morning I was on the move early! Got us together and raced Noah to daycare a few minutes early so I could get to Home Depot before work. THIS WILL HAPPEN ! I grabbed the vent for the bathroom that needs to go in before the loft floors go down . I got to work and realized as I glanced in the mirror that my hair was still in a bun and I was wearing the same shirt I slept in last night BUT I did get my makeup done( if you call applying mascara putting make up on). So I pulled the elastic out of my hair in did my best to arrange it so it looked like I meant it to be windblown, then popped my trunk and got a sweater out of the back that I had found at a garage sale a few weeks ago and threw that on over my shirt. My schedule for today was PACKED but I honestly had no clue what I was doing until I got into my office, powered up my computer and checked my schedule. MEETING with the BOSSES in 1 hour was the first thing I read ! “IT’S going to be a long weekend ” ” YOU GOT THIS ! ” I repeated over myself over and over in my mind. WELL I’m here to tell you I survived the meeting ! Got 97 of the 100 things I needed to get done today done and here I am, sipping my warm apple cider with cinnamon, Noah’s sound to sleep in my loft and all is good in the world.

So let me tell you the best I can about my plan. As you all might remember I’ve had a stair/ladder problem. Right now my only route to my loft is a ladder that that shoots up from the middle of my house, I HATE it but it has served the purpose  and got us off the pull out couch and back onto the memory foam mattress and a much better nights sleep. So my plan is to now to move it again ! Well I have to tell ya, Jay stopped over a little bit ago and when I told him my plan to move the ladder yet again (this is the fourth time) he did not look even a little bit surprised. I was looking at tiny houses last night on line and saw these amazingly cool shelf steps so I am going to give them a shot, They are going on the back wall this time, thus another hole in my loft floor. As I sit here writing this I’m looking over and can image how its going to look in my mind I’M SOO STINKING EXCITED ! For Noah’s stair I’m going to arrange a bunch of wood crates to create stairs up to his loft. Its going to be Extraordinarily cool and excellent storage as well. I can’t WAIT to show you all the pictures ! Before I do this if any of you have seen cool tiny house stair ideas PLEASE share !

See you all tomorrow !!!

2 thoughts on “Stairs, Vents and Hair Elastics”

  1. Good morning. Maybe you have your steps in by now..but maybe not?
    I did steps up my wall too and Love it! I incorporated a chest of drawers I already had. 3 “shelf steps ” above it and a 1 unit 3 step unit below. Check out my Tiny house reveal post to see the pic. I can send you more pics if you’d like..I’m just not sure how to attach them here. Blessings, Diana


    1. I saw your stairs and they were actually my inspiration for my stairs !!! I’ve been looking all week for a dresser but have yet to find one that will fit in my Ford Focus, so we may have to go in a different direction. LOVE your little home ! ❤


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