Tiny House On The Rocks !

Got a call from school at work yesterday and GUESS WHO had lice AND the elephant man face was BACK !! I can tell you this one thing if you have a child with sensory issues you DON’T want them to have both of these problems at the SAME time. When I went to pick Noah up at school he met me in tears “MOMMY I HAVE FLEAS !” he said, “they are crawling all over me! ” he wailed . So we started with a trip to Walmart to get sour patch kids for the plugged salivary gland and lice shampoo . I did a bunch of pre-teaching on the way home and during dinner, he calmed down and seemed cool with the solution. The trouble started when we started to get ready for the shower, lice shampoo in his hair , naked he dug his heels in just outside the bathroom door and refused to move, there was not a motivator in the house that convince him this was a good idea. The shampoo needed to come out so I pulled up my pants and went in for the battle. 10 minutes later mister was out of the shower still swinging with everything he had, we were both soaked and we still needed to comb the dead bodies and eggs out of his hair. I considered just getting out the clippers and cutting his hair right off but the mere sight of them sent him up into the loft screaming and shaking. I guessed I would rather have him mad than terrified so to the lice comb we went, 2 hours later we were done and I did not find even ONE louse . This morning I notified Noah he would not be going to school until I heard from the doctor about his cheek and we were OFF again “ITS JUST NOT RIGHT ! ” He screamed and cried, about 7:30 the phone rang, it was the doctor, I told him what was going on and he told me to give kiddo some sour patch kids, some Tylenol, SEND his butt to school and go back to bed, so that’s what I did. I could have even slept but in the absence of screaming, biting, hitting and all that my mind went on to other things, I threw my jacket on and went to visit a friend who had told me she had some vintage costume jewelry( I sell costume jewelry on the side) . I’m like a crow, I love shiny stuff after a nice conversation and a cup of coffee I came home with 4 jewelry boxes FULL of old jewelry !!  I couldn’t had been more happier than I was as I spent the rest of the morning sitting on my couch in legging and a sweatshirt in the middle of a pile of jewelry. I sorted it all out and, pearls with the pearls, rhinestones with the rhinestones all in little collections.


Later on this afternoon it was back to business, I went to the lumber yard to get the wood for the stairs to Noah’s loft and while I was there Jay showed up, so I dragged him home with me and GUESS WHAT !! WE STARTED THE LOFT !! I am SOOO STINKING excited !!! Well I guess I should say Jay started the loft because I was busy chasing a very behavioral little guy BUT IT WAS STARTED !!! YEAH !!!

Jay will be back in the morning to do some more work up there so hopefully tomorrow night I will have some pictures for you all !

Good night people ! See you all tomorrow !


3 thoughts on “Tiny House On The Rocks !”

  1. I know this was not the point of the article but you just about made my coffee come out my nose when you said, “I’m like a crow, I like shiny stuff”.. For the women in our family, we call that trait a “Grandma Hazel moment”.
    Great job! KEEP WRITING 😉


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