One night about a year and a half or so ago I was hanging out with one of my friends and she said “Rebecca, when are you going to get up  on the horse and start dating again ?” That night we set up a profile on a Christian dating site. I was excited and hopeful at first but as time went on I realized that probably would not be the venue to meet someone… did I want to meet someone ? I don’t think anyone really likes to be single BUT for me if this person wasn’t God led to me then really I was wasting my time. In the end I did in fact make a very good friend on the site and we have emailed back in forth daily for the last year and a few months, I am so thankful for this person as he fusses over me like a protective big brother.  Well its been a long time since I got on the site, tonight I thought I would jump on and read the forums, they can be really interesting. Within a few minutes I got a message from this man from down south, he’s a carpenter with a degree in social services. tall, dark and handsome , expresses his love for God in his profile ???? hmmmm that never happened before, so I emailed him back. I kind of feel like a giddy little school girl, silly I know but a girl can dream RIGHT ?

DRUM ROLL !!! Are you all READY ?!?!?! We got most off Noah’s loft done today !!!! YEAH !!! BUT as usual I changed my mind about the stairs AGAIN this time to Noah’s loft and I am actually really THRILLED about the way the they came out, it all started last night, I was sitting on my porch chatting with Jay and told him I wish we didn’t have to use ALL that space for stairs, to bad we couldn’t build a ladder that pulls out to a slant so Noah could manage it with his mobility issues, so we went in and looked at the wall, came back out, chatted a bit more when Jay lit up and smiled ear to ear, he had thought of a way and it was GENIUS !! Wait to you see it !


There’s the ladder, now if you look up at the top, see the bolts ? Well the act like hinges so the ladder can be moved out at a slant from the bottom, then at the bottom are two legs on either side that are also hinged that come down from the side of the ladder and leverages against the wall to keep the ladder stable. Its really stinking COOL !! Plus Noah’s already been up and down the ladder with little problems a few times ! 🙂


Yeah, yeah that lights GOT to go but CHECK IT OUT !! The loft is here !! Now all we need is some railings and a rug and mama’s got her bed to herself (and a fat cat ). Could life get any better ?

I’m off tomorrow to Home Depot to pick up the supplies for the railings and the HOPEFULLY I can change my stairs around AGAIN.

Thanks for stopping by folks !! See you tomorrow !

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