Lets Talk About Messy !!

Its easy to understand what connects people, similar interests, goals ,work , faith just to name a few but what bonds two or more people in such a way that they are willing to hunker down and do the messy, the tears, the temper tantrums, the stuff that the outside world doesn’t know about and most of us would never talk freely about. You do and say things you never thought you would or could never do both good and bad. Its a confusing world we live in. A world were everything is excepted but no ones suppose to see it, were its okay to have mental illness until  there are symptoms . A world where we hold in high esteem those who powered through and survived barriers ranging from extreme poverty to Autism awareness, we proudly post it on our Facebook walls and then think somehow that is the existent of our responsibility. When I was a kid we shamelessly hid everything and even understood that if we were to divulge the private lives of our family we would be cast out for not protecting the families reputation. Now we openly support everything but nothing is happening to us personally and call it drama if people even try to include us in their struggles. Is the human race EVER going to get it right ? What’s happening to the glue ?  The glue that sticks people and families together even when we are a hot mess. We are looking for relationship advice on social media and Googling other peoples symptoms when “they” stress us out to see what mental illness they have so we can be assured its not us, you know you’ve done it ! I’ve done it ! I don’t know how to fix it globally but I do know where to start locally and that’s going to those people in our lives that are struggling and just giving them a little bit of our selves. Its forgiving you partner, child neighbor ect EVEN if you are right and not walking away and blowing it off as drama. If there is something I have learned form my son is how to forgive multiple times a day, how to do more than forgive, to still honestly love him even if he’s bit me 15 times that day. No matter how many times a day I just loose my cool and hurt his feelings over somethings he may not even have control over at times he still Loves me and MY mess unconditionally. I guess all I’m saying is life is mess people, give people a break. Give yourself a break, its human to be messy.

Thanks for stopping by !! See you all tomorrow !! 🙂


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