Florida We Are Praying For You !!

As Hurricane Michael looms over Florida tonight we watch knowing that at this point that’s all we can do is watch, watch and pray. Florida and Maine have a special connection, most everyone in Maine has family in Florida. Florida is where us Maina’s retire. They laugh and joke about throwing oranges at us when they are down there snug as a bug in the winter . If we are lucky we will get a case of oranges for Christmas. Now I sit here on my hands watching the future of thousands unfold on CNN. Please if you will, be praying with me tonight for those in the path of this storm.

Well with that said, I did miss you all last night. I was done with all my work and finally getting ready to settle in and write to you all. Went in to change into my sweat pants, looked down in the process and saw a bull’s-eye on my inner thigh, TICK !!!! I called and txted everyone I could think of to come watch Noah and could not reach anyone ! I was kind of scared, my dad almost died from a tick bite last year. As I had finally given up I sat on the porch and headlights turned the corner into my yard, you guessed it Jay saved the day AGAIN. Its kind of like God appointed us our own guardian angel. Some day I will be able to pay him back for everything he’s done for us but until then I will keep feeding him and make him coffee. After a few hours at the hospital and chatting with some of the staff I was invited to do a training with them around autism and how ER staff can best support families. SCORE !

We have done SO much the last few days ! Our tiny little house is slowly transforming before our eyes. We reached two big milestones first I FINALLY FIGURED OUT THE A SOLUTION TO THE STAIR PROBLEM. OF course it meant cutting another hole in the floor of the loft but I AM VERY HAPPY with the results though it did not come without a whole bunch of unforeseen challenges. The first thing I needed to do is to fill in the first hole, so I could move my mattress over and make way for the new hole which led to the first problem. Now I had no way to get up into the loft. So I devised a plan. I pulled out the ladder that was still hinged under the loft and set the feet up on my coffee table so that it resembled more a leaning bridge than a ladder. I climbed up the coffee table and across the ladder and hurdled myself up over the side of the loft. Sitting in the loft I congratulated myself for my ingenuity until I looked down and realized Noah had moved the coffee table . I was now stuck in the loft, luckily I had the accidental foresight to had stuck my phone in my back pocket. I sat there for nearly and hour watching Noah torture the cat and eat copious amounts of cheese and raw hot dogs while waiting for someone to rescue me. In the end I finally dangled off the side and dropped onto the floor. After 3 trips to the hardware store for jigsaw blades I finally gave in and borrowed Jays jigsaw and was able to cut the hole in the floor. SO now my ladder is moved and the floor is done in Noah’s Loft. This weekend my plan is to get railings built for Noah’s loft and get him moved in and to build a new ladder for my loft as the other one is too wide. I’m no carpenter that’s for sure BUT this tiny house is happening !!!

Side note, as I said before my reason for this blog is to be a platform to start a tiny house community as pathway to home ownership to those who might not otherwise be able to ever own their own homes, I also have made it my business to join the war against poverty and to build awareness around the daily lives of families who experience autism. I share a lot that others might not feel comfortable sharing. I think is important to give real insight into these important topics so people can truly empower and be empowered to make a difference. If your are following our story please support us in sharing, commenting and following us.

Thank you all for stopping by ! I will see you all back here tomorrow night (I hope) Good Night all 🙂



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