Time to EAT the donut !!!

Trying to get back to the grind today, its been just one of those weeks.  Did a bunch of cleaning (tiny houses need to be cleaned to unfortunately) . Spent the morning working on getting the hole in my loft floor just right as I was wacking my head everytime I climbed up the ladder all week. Honestly is looks a bit weird, I trimmed a bit off one side and then the other trying to make it even but never really got it quite even. Hopefully it will look better once I get it framed out. I finally stopped before I ran out of floor to cut. I climbed down and cleaned up my mess and grabbed Noah and went for a ride. We drove up through the back country to see some fall leaves. I got to tell ya the colors this year are absolutely amazing. At one point we were driving down a mountain, from the top the view of the valley and the spectrum of reds, yellows, oranges and browns mixed with the shades of pine was breathtaking. Noah riding in the back squealed with delight, MOM HOLLY MACARONIE  !!!! he said,  with his little hands on his cheeks and his eyes big and round.  He was right, I couldn’t had thought of a better description myself.  On the way back we stopped at a little diner in Bingham. They make the best giant chocolate donuts. We got there just in time as they were still warm. We got in the car and started driving home and I could hear Noah in the back seat licking his fingers raving about how delicious his donut was, I smiled to myself, its easy for kiddos to see something so simply as being so good. I was going to go out and clean the yard when we got home., but we ended up sitting on the floor drinking warm cinnamon spice apple cider and playing trains instead.  Sometime we have to just stop doing the important things and make time for the REAL important things. I had a harsh reminder this week that tomorrow is not promised. Noahs child hood will not last forever, its important to go leaf peeping, donut eating, cider sipping and play trains. I am thankful for this day, I am thankful for this child. There are so many things from our tomorrows that we allow to steal our joy from our todays and they haven’t even happened yet.  I think I will take a lesson from Noah and lick my fingers and enjoy life for a bit.

Thank you for stopping by !!

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