You Can’t Save The World But You CAN Help A Brother Out .

The last few days  I’ve been getting down to business trying to bring more income into this tiny house. I’ve been busy selling on Ebay trying to squeeze every last penny out of  that lot of jewelry I bought last weekend. I love vintage costume jewelry, its always been my” go to” when trying to juggle a job and business at home and still making time to spend with Noah. Some day I will find that million dollar piece but for today it will be one dollar at a time to pay this little house off and to keep my old car running. I have also been working hard to figure out how to raise money to get this Tiny House Community up and running, I’ve been reading every article I can find on the internet . I’ve also been researching private funders as well as state, county and city codes. I wish I could make my brain absorb all this information and understand the miles of dry redundant verbiage that goes with it. Lately the theme of feed back to me has been “Rebecca, you can’t save the world, you have your hands full already” , my response to that is your absolutely right, I have no intentions of trying to save the world but if my life can be used to make a difference in the people who are brought into my path who am I to say no. I don’t pretend nor do I want to be anyone’s savior, we already have one . I really just would be happy to open a door to a few families so they to can find their way to a more stability life through achieving true home ownership so they can stop “just surviving” and actually be active members in this war on poverty. If you are gifted in finding funding or you feel drawn to the Tiny House community cause, feel free to message me , I would love to hear your ideas !

Night Folks

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