I haven’t been feeling up to doing a lot of writing the last few days as I’m struggling with the loss of my friend but I wanted to just clarify my reason for being public about my grief in this. We all grieve in different ways, my way is to find some thing good even in the most difficult situations and though I am having great difficultly doing that at this time when I asked myself what my sweet friend would do, I know the answer. She would do anything she could to help anyone, there was not a selfish bone in her whole body….. she would not ever want anyone to experience the pain she went through…. she would do anything to change that for someone who was hurting if she possibly  could….even if she couldn’t do it for herself . The only way to combat mental illness is to address the shame associated with it. The only way to address that shame is to talk about it. How ever you want. If your mad be mad, if your sad be sad but one thing is for sure if we are talking we will be doing it together, no one will be left to do it alone. Mental illness is the most stigmatized topic on the planet, If we were talking about any other illness no one would blink an eye but when we are talking about mental illness everyone clams up. Stigma keeps us from knowing how to help and getting help. Lets have the conversation and yes maybe it will be messy and hard and emotional but lets do it anyway….Lets do it for Teresa because she loved every body and helped so many, she was a good person, a good mom, a hard worker, It could happen to anyone and has happened or will happen to a lot of us . Don’t walk away from this and not do something. Hug someone, check on someone, pick up that phone if you need help…. your worth it she was worth it. Take action ! Don’t let this go unsaid because its “private” private is for showers not for hurting people !

2 thoughts on “No MORE SSSSHHHHING !!”

  1. Sending lots of love, hugs and prayers for comfort. Speak your heart. Jesus would say “bring me your troubles and fears. I will listen. I will catch your tears and hold you.” Sometimes, we have to be Jesus’ hands, arms and heart on earth. ❤


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