The Scarf

I stood in front off the mirror staring at my scarf, Teresa gave it to me, she loved scarves and so do I. Scarves have a way of making any outfit look fancy, T shirt and jeans? Just add a scarf and your classy! Plain dress? Just add a scarf and BAMM your ready for that meeting! Scarves are wearable art, with some even being hand painted and signed by their designer. We combed thrift shops and yard sales and found some of the most beautiful scarves (like either of us needed another one) sometimes we would both insist on buying the same scarf and we would end up sharing it. As I stood in front of the mirror looking at my scarf , I remembered the day she gave it to me, it was one of “those” scarves we were “sharing” she wrapped it around my neck and laughed “you can have it” she said,” I don’t look good in gray anyway”. Today was the day we all went to celebrate Teresa’s life, the gray scarf seemed appropriate. I did my makeup and put on my lipstick and threw a butterfly brooch on for positivity then went out the door where my friend Wendy waited in her car. We pulled in and I was shocked at all the cars, we wasn’t sure we were at the right place, we got out and walked to the building then suddenly Wendy stopped, put her hand on my arm “look Rebecca, Teresa’s scarves” she said pointing up to the window in front of us. I just stood there, it took me a minute to catch my breath.  As we walked into the building, hers scarves were hanging everywhere. Some how I thought the scarf thing was just mine and Teresa’s thing, she had a way of doing that, making people feel special. I’m not going to talk about the service or her precious family as that is just to personal for this venue, but I really just wanted to convey how impactful her life was on people and how serious her illness was, it stole her from them, and from me.  So join me when I say “no more shame” “no more stigma” take it upon yourselves to be educated in the steps of recognizing when someone is in trouble and what to do. Then pass that education on to those around you. Lastly, treat mental health as part of your over all health, be careful what you feed your mind and if things aren’t feeling right, get to a doctor before your you start to decline. That’s all for tonight folks (HUGS)

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