The Fight

If you’ve been following my blog you know that we’ve had some hard hits here at the tiny house on the spectrum lately. It does seem to be the way things go around here at times….when it rains it pours. Still struggling with the change of season behaviors with Noah, the lice episode, the elephant face and the loss of my dear friend Teresa. Now we have contracted the yearly fall sniffles, so I am writing this as I drip and sneeze with plugged ears. Noahs tucked away in the loft sound to sleep exhausted from challenging another new staff nearly the verge of tears when she left here a few hours ago. Sometimes I will be honest with you all, I look forward to going to work in the morning and Mondays. Alone in my quiet little office plugging away at my computer with soft music playing in the back ground is a 8 hour reprieve for me a lot of days. Still even in times like this late at night when I’m done working on Ebay and writing here, I get my sweat pants and hoodie on, climb up into the loft,  into bed and wrap my arms around his little body, finally still and peaceful I get to snuggle him and smell his baby shampoo hair, I look at his chubby little cheeks and think to myself in spite of it all how blessed I am to have him. Love is a powerful thing.  sometimes this life we live is lonely and hard but late at night as I lay in bed talking to God, snuggling with lil mr. I know we will continue to overcome the odds. For tonight I’m not going to worry about tomorrow or next week or next year, instead I’m going finish up my warm apple cider and cinnamon and take my drippy tired self up and go to sleep. Good night folks !

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