The FIRE ALARM and the SKUNK !

Tonight’s post was all told for me all but the typing as the on going saga continued last night. BOY do I have a story for you !! So if you all were reading last night you know how that went, I really thought I had a reprieve when Noah calmly went up stairs and  quickly fell fast to sleep. After I left you guys I wasn’t far behind him comfy in my sweat pants and hoodie. Sniffily and drips and all it was not long before I two was snoring. It was about midnight when I smelt it, I was sleepy and stuffy so I couldn’t figure out exactly what it was that I was smelling, I got up and slid down the ladder from the loft half asleep to investigate, by that time the smell was so strong is was choking me, I stepped outside to see where it was coming from, that’s when I realized what the smell was, A skunk had sprayed somewhere close to the house. Relived though discussed  I went inside, climbed back up the ladder, snuggled little mr and fell quickly back to sleep. I am always on guard for strange smells especially in a tiny house because in the event of a fire we would have to move quick. At first when I smelled it I thought it was burning plastic. Skunk smell is not my favorite thing but no harm no foul right ? At any rate,I was warm in cozy asleep bed, that was good. Well until 1:30am that is. At 1:30am I was suddenly awaken sitting straight up in my bed to the sound of a fire alarm. In three point five seconds I was down from the loft once again. Perplexed I stood in my kitchen looking at the fire alarm and it was quiet but I could clearly hear a fire alarm and it sounded like it was in the house. So I opened the door, went outside again and that’s when it occurred to me where the alarm was coming from. Several weeks ago my fire alarm went off (I was cooking). Noah is absolutely terrified of fire alarms so I took it out on the porch until the smoke cleared out of the house. As I was trying to get the smoke out of the house Noah ran back and forth nervously, I thought it was because he was scared of the fire alarm but later I found out it was because he hid the fire alarm. Now standing in front of my house at 1:30am in the rain, snotty nose and drippy eyes the fire alarm was going off, waking up the neighbors and I had to find the fire alarm. Even though it was blaring it was hard to distinguish exactly where it was, after a half hour of hunt I finally found it under my porch. Now my porch is closed in to keep out creatures and neighborhood kitty’s from using the dirt under my house as a giant littler box.  So at 2am in the rain I am now taking the siding off the porch to retrieve the fire alarm. Really, ya just can’t make this stuff up. Now I know at some point in my future I will look back at this and laugh but right now I’m not there yet.  I’m going to politely excuse myself and go to bed. Good Night Folks !

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