Angels in the details

The details are where we usually get into trouble. Noah does his best to prepare for the big stuff like going out to eat or the Halloween parade but then the details happen. Yesterday I picked Noah up from daycare after work, he had a few pretty good days so I thought we would celebrate by going out to eat. I went in to get him and left the car running in the parking lot, when I came out I realized I had a head light out. No big deal right ? Well yes it was. We would be driving home in the dark and this girl right here can not afford a ticket so now after I already told Noah we were going out to eat I would have to back track and go to the parts store first. He immediately began to have anxiety as the part store was not part of the plan. He tried to hold it together, he really wanted to go out to eat but the second we walked into the part store the spinning and banging began. I to was experiencing anxiety as I understood what was about to happen but I had decided to power through instead of throwing my hands up and going home. As we walked threw through door I noticed a couple standing at the counter in front of us, the lady took one look at Noah spinning and banging and dropped down on one knee, smiled at Noah and pointed at some die cast toys hanging under the counter, Noah couldn’t resist , as they talked Noah’s anxiety dropped and so did mine. I recognized her even though we had never met , she knew autism… There was another man at the counter who stepped aside and let me go ahead of him and the clerk quickly cashed me out and even changed my head light while we waited in the store. The lady looked up at me smiled and said” deep breath mama, you got back up this time”. The clerk came back in from putting headlight in and the lady walked to me holding Noah’s hand and gave me a side hug, I thanked her and we left. She changed the outcome of our whole evening by donating 5 minutes of her evening. We drove off to Noah’s favorite restaurant(the only restaurant we eat at) and as we pulled in they put a small peperoni pizza into the oven and poured him a cup of lemonade , even though Noah has had more than one meltdown there they were always happy to see him and knew exactly what his order would be, they talk with him and treat him like a little prince. Sometimes I do feel like I am alone but in the bigger picture I am very blessed to live in a community that is excepting of us. Every where we go from the Walmart workers to the church we attend people welcome us and will and have gone out of their way to support us. Without all these angels our life would be very different.  We are fortunate, as often times when people meet us they are faced with a situation that will either bring out the best in them or the worst. Here in our little community we have only experienced the best.

Have a good evening folks !  🙂

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