I have talked a lot about the tiny house, about my son, about our struggles and our accomplishments. I’ve talked about loss and  how mental illness and addiction has effected our lives, what I haven’t talked a lot is why some people crumble in times of adversity and others are able to withstand the storms of their lives and come out even stronger.  If someone had told me 7 years ago that I would have a little boy living in a tiny house at 50 years old, that I would had worked a ranch in Arizona, lived in a shelter, or even thought about starting a tiny house community I would had told them they had a great imagination or lost their mind. God has a way of stretching us into something we could never have imagined being , something we never would have become without the opportunity to grow. Adversity forces us to make a choice, sink or swim. Sounds like and easy choice but really the hardest part of swimming through tough times is admitting you need a life vest. When that happens God gives the person who’s holding the life vest the opportunity to stretch as well. I met a lady a few weeks ago at a training, she was introduced to me by another coworker because she is building a tiny house. We chatted for a minute and then went on with our lives. At Teresa’s celebration of life I turned around and in line behind me was that very same lady. We both knew this was not an accident , there was something very deliberate going on. We talked and I gave her the link to Tinyhouseonthespectrum within a few days I got an email from her asking if I would like to meet for lunch. We talked and talked about everything like old friends that hadn’t seen each other for a very long time, we reminisced about Teresa but more than anything we shared our dream of starting a tiny house community. Its actually more than a dream for both of us, it more something we “have” to do, a calling. Whether we are holding the life jacket or reaching for one or both remains to be seen….the stretch is the purpose, the growth is the reason . It can be painful and amazing all at the same time. I didn’t get stronger because I didn’t fall or because I didn’t crumble, I got stronger because I did.  Batten down the hatches people, I got a feeling this is about to get real !

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