Imagine getting up in the morning and making a fresh cup of steaming coffee, putting on your old fluffy slippers, a warm hoody and pulling up a cozy seat on your covered front porch. You look down across your yard into a sprawling field on your own little hill framed with sturdy pine trees with a backdrop of blue mountains drenched in color from the sun rising. The first rays of sun strike the frosted grass and the field lets off whispers of steamy smoke. The coffee cup warm and tucked into your hands aaaah, life could be so good. I’m half way there. I have the house , the porch, the coffee cup, and the hoodie all I need now is the land.  The scene beats the snot out of any tv show I’ve ever saw. Am I happy in my little nook in a corner huddled under some trees on a leased piece of property ? Sure. When your on a journey a lot of things can make you happy. The squirls in my yard in a bustle to get ready for winter squealing and chirping make me laugh at their antics, they are the best to watch while sipping on my coffee in the wee hours. Paint a picture, feel the cozy… it feels so good, soo dreamy but tangible. When I was a kid I remember working as hard as I could to dig a big hole so I could be my own Alice in wonderland. I actually got the hole quite deep and lined the wall with rocks and made a roof out of fir bows, in my mind it was a great success affording many hours of playtime . Find your wonderland ,get up in the morning and give it a try no matter where you live you can see the sun come up or go down, enjoy it , the dream is half the battle.

Good Night Folks !

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