The old Maid in The Tiny House

I meet older people everyday and I often ask myself “I wonder how they got where they are “or “what made them the person they at ” . Some people are just so stinking cool ! I’ve met 70 year old women that single handedly built their own house, who carry their own water and chop their own wood. I’ve met women who, lecture all over the world. Amazing women that defined not only their world but helped to shape the world of the lives they encountered. With some women its supporting their families so they can excel in school, work and their passions. I’ve met men who have worked a zillion hours a week to provide for those entrusted to them, fought in wars to protect our freedom and never ask for a thing in return. I could go on all night about the full spectrum of the amazing individuals that have helped color my life and spur my passion. So many of them I just want to give back to just a tiny bit of what they have given. Others I want to sit at their feet and learn from. What experiences made them who they are ? Being 50 years old living in a tiny house with my little boy with autism is showing me a lot about who I am especially in the dating world. Now mind you I have yet to go on a date, at the time being I’m really just considering it. Really their are a lot of things about me that would not be your everyday guys cup of tea. I have found that there are some things about me that are just not flexible, my faith, my son, my values…in thinking about that at first it made me feel a bit sad…that I’m just going to be the old maid living in her tiny house… but then after some reflection I realized that my faith, my son and values are not my weakness but my strength that protect me from those who’s motives may not be pure or reasons that may be selfish, they have shaped me into the person I am today. Upon thinking about things that way they make me feel safe in knowing the man who embraces those things in my life does the same in his own and would except no less. I’m pretty excited at the prospect of meeting someone like that but if I don’t I feel good for not settling for less and will be happy being the old maid in the tiny house. One day someone might come along and wonder how I became the person I am, I only hope  that I can inspire them the way I’ve been inspired.

Good Night Folks !! ❤

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