BIG cat, Tiny house. Interview with Josiah .

I’ve often wondered what it must be like being our cat Josiah. I am constantly perplexed why he chose to live here. I mean just today alone he nearly starved to death because yesterday I bought him cat food and when I got home I realized it was dog food. If Jay hadn’t stopped over with a can of tuna last night I’m not so sure it would had worked out so well. Then of course this morning before I left for work I completely forgot to let him out to do his business. When we got home he nearly knocked the door down trying to get out to go and then raced back in famished, realizing I had CAT food in my hand. I wish could interview him and find out what possesses him to stay. If I did this is what I imagine he would say.

Me: So what was you thinking when you moved in here ?

Josiah: Well technically moving in was not my original plan, I just came up onto you porch to get a better look at your squirrels in the front yard.

Me :My squirrels ?

Josiah: Yes Rebecca, it was the squirrels. I’m still thinking I might catch one of those fat boys(Josiah licks his chops) but then when I got on your porch I found your chair was really comfortable.

Me: Josiah, you are a good cat but please leave my squirrels alone.

Josiah: Really Rebecca, if I wanted the squirrels that bad they would be in my belly.

Me: So why did you decide to stay ?

Josiah: Well the honestly Rebecca, its the food…well except the dog food we still need to talk about that, Don’t let it happen again.

Me: I definitely will do my best Josiah. Sorry about that one.

Me: How do you tolerate Noah ?

Josiah : Well its like this, I like the food BUT if he doesn’t stop trying to put me in the toilet we may have renegotiate for say some fresh fish or maybe squirrel ?

Me: Forget the squirrel. So why do you stay ? Your a good looking cat and very charming, lots of families would be happy to feed you.

Josiah: Well I got to say Rebecca, the house is kind of cool, lots of places to climb and it is warm, winter is coming. Plus you two kind of need me.

Me: Aaaaw Josiah ! You love us !

Josiah: Ya Ya Ya you’ve never tried to catch a squirrel in the winter.

Me: Well we love you Josiah.

Josiah: I can tell, the food ROCKS.


Its my story folks HA ! Have a good evening !!

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