Learning how to human in a tiny house is the best class room.

I’ve been thinking all day about this post trying to get the words right in my mind. There are so many pieces to this story though they seem to work together still at the same time having nothing to do with each other at all. Tiny house living, a tiny house community, autism and all variations of humaning (I know that’s not a word) Why would a single mom of an autistic child want to live in a tiny house and start a tiny house community ? It boils down to this. We need humaning. Living in huge three bedroom home with my son only proved to me we would get no where with him playing in his huge playroom with his ridiculous amount of toys while I sat in my huge living. At night I would sleep in my huge bed in my huge bedroom while little mr slept in his huge bedroom surrounded with a billion stuffed animals. We wasn’t humaning. We were isolated now not only from the community but slowly isolating from each other. Our culture is a culture of texting, facebooking, twittering, headphone wearing people who rarely look at another human beings face and when they do its uncomfortable at best. Social anxiety, anxiety in general is quickly become the norm, we all have it, but why ? We aren’t humaning. We are inundated with images of what “normal people ” think , should look like or do that is so far from the truth. We need to be in each others space a bit to build our social skills, we need to get rid of all our stuff and start keeping each other. We need to start building communities that do this humaning together. This would be ideal  for a kiddo on the spectrum. It would be ideal for any kid. It would be ideal for families and communities to have this cohesiveness with other people . Soon I see this becoming a reality.  My little house was originally named the hobbit house( the round window on the front) but I think its going to be more of an Ark, Noahs Ark . Lets do some humaning !!

Good night folks !

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