The Noah Magic

Three years ago back in the time of nearly nonstop behaviors, I prayed for services. I just knew that services would be the answer to everything, some how getting a diagnosis and then ABA and respite, support staff and special schooling for Noah would just make both our lives better. I knew the difference a few skilled staff could make, I worked in the field on the front lines for almost 20 years but there was a lot I didn’t know. Having a good staff is kind of a double edge sword. We learn as professionals to have good boundaries, I’ve been on that side before but my child hasn’t taken the boundaries training yet so when a good staff starts I start trying to prepare Noah. Staff are here to help you work on skills buddy I always remind him but time after time he finally gets familiar with a staff and they leave, its hard on him, heck its hard on me. With that said we have a great agency ran by a top notch BCBA that does his level best to get Noah the absolutely best staff and even though he has done a great job our staff usually only last 4-6 months, then we have to start all over again. Having staff in your home changes things, its like always having company but this company comes with a clipboard and writes everything down, If I had not worked in the field this would really intimidate me. Even though staff is there to work with Noah in his “home” environment we don’t walk around in our pjs, try to be respectful and have the house relatively clean when they get here. ABA is no walk in the park, its boot camp for kiddo’s on the spectrum, its long hours of work for my little guy, for over a year he did 12 hours of ABA a day, it took 4 staff and myself to implement just one day of his program. Its a commitment and I have to say I know I made the right choice for Noah in digging in and doing the work even though its been incredible hard for him especially . In choosing the right agency to work with him we are very fortunate, I read a lot how families have to fight with or for services and schools to help meet their childs needs, our agencies BCBA  went to school with Noahs special ed teacher so there is good communication across the board in his school programing and his evening program. We started with a new staff a few weeks ago, the second she walked in I knew she had the Noah magic( that’s what I call that special understanding with people who actually “get” Noah and autism) its a double edge sword for so many reasons, I knew he would love her….she is studying to become a BCBA so I also knew she wouldn’t be here long. Last week she asked me if I had respite and I answered her the best way I knew how. When you have a child with challenging behaviors its hard to trust anyone to care for him and though I had combed through the list of providers, I just could not bring myself to step out and take that leap, we have little room for mistakes. Last night she told me she was going to do the paper work to become a respite provider and she would love to do respite for Noah. I didn’t know what to say and was surprised when I suddenly broke down in tears. Knowing that she understood exactly what that meant for us, for me…it was in the top ten for one of the nicest things someone has ever said to me. This morning on my way to work I pondered as  to what I would do with my respite time, I will need to continue to think about that but my guess is it will have something to do with Tiny Houses . I wrote this because I really want people to get that if you desire to work with children with autism and their families, you think it will be fun, you probably won’t last long so do us both a favor and stay home. IF you want to work with us because you have the desire, the stamina and the countenance to stay in for the long hall, to be okay with working with individuals that might test you to your limits(the kids can be rough to)because you can see the long term outcomes, because you understand that’s what it takes to make lasting changes in a child and their families lives, we need you !! We have been blessed to have handful of those people in our lives and it has made all the difference. Tomorrow I am hoping to get to work on this little home of ours so stay tuned and hope for the best !! 🙂


Good Night All

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