Perfectly Tiny,Perfectly Imperfect

Before I got my tiny home I drooled over high end Tiny homes that had super cool bathrooms and amazing storage ideas. I just knew some day someday I would be building some cool ingenious stuff of my own. Jay was over earlier working on getting the bathroom vent in, he was standing beside the front door when one of my ingenious carpentry master pieces flew of the wall, wacking him in either the head or the back (he didn’t really say) and left him in the middle of a pile of coats, scarves, hat mittens and my underwear. Poor guy, like Josiah I’m not sure why exactly he continues to subject himself to this but I’m really thankful he does. It was just a shelf with a rod that I put up to hang our coats on and store baskets of other things on top, seems like it should had been a slam dunk. Jay gave me a lesson tonight on the different type screws, apparently there is more than 2 types of screws (long and short ) there are actually several different types of screws for a different purposes and apparently the screws I used to put up my shelf were not wood screws (who knew ?) . This carpentry stuff is not for the feeble minded that’s for sure but once my skills catch up with my imagination this place is going to absolutely ROCK 🙂 . Saturday Noah and I went out to a thrift store and I found this cage type of thing, though I didn’t know what I was going to use it for It was just to cool not to use it.  Noah played with the cage the rest of the day on Saturday and I thought about it, he played with it on Sunday as well. After coming home from church and going to put my purse on the counter and realizing there was no counter space left I decided to do something about it . Check out the cage !!

AND I used wood screws to attach it to the wall ! Noah had broke the hinges that held it together making it perfect to hold apples and what ever else up of my counter tops.  One of the good things about knotty tong and groove is it is very forgiving when it comes to concealing nail and screw holes. Its a good thing for me ! We have been working on a bunch of stuff around here and I can’t wait to show you all when its done. My target is to be able to do a walk threw video is the end of January so stick around for the ride, its never boring here at the tiny house on the spectrum.

Good Night All !

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