Today I dropped my car off at the garage for repairs (again) after dropping Noah off at daycare . I spent the whole day at home by myself BY MYSELF can you believe it !?! My goal in what to do with all this time ? Absolutely nothing ! Well I tried any way. I started out by getting back into my pjs and powering up my laptop, looking for a good movie on Netflix, I started the first one “The Outlaw King” , I really like history and triumph but after fast forwarding threw all the fighting scenes( watching people being impaled isn’t my idea of a good time) the movie was over in about 15 minutes. I tried to watch a few documentaries but I just couldnt seem to get into them, so I did what I do and started reading about Tiny house communities ,looking at different tiny house lay outs and storage ect. While doing this I began to think about the Tiny house community, what exactly would it look like ? What would be the advantages and disadvantages socially and economically, would it be a coop or closer to a subdivision? Would we have a shared common space or would we be more independent . Would there be governing rules and if so what would they be ? My goal in a tiny house community would be to gain more independence for myself financially, for others to be able to do the same and to be a part of a more cohesive community. I don’t want a bunch of crazy subdivision type rules that would dictate my living space but I do want to live among people who have a sense of pride in the community and how it looks, does that make sense ? I want to be able to own goats and gardens and express my creativity freely. I’m still tossing a bunch of thoughts and ideas around in my head about what a tiny house community would look and feel like. I would love to start a conversation about what this would look like to others, maybe who have ideas I haven’t thought of or skills I don’t have. Maybe you too will be inspired in the dialogue. Lets talk, lets put our heads together !! AND GOOO !

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