Tiny House In The Snow

abstract art background blue sky
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I love to sit on the porch at night and watch it snow. It feels like God just laid a big thick white blanket over my world, the sounds change and everything looks so clean, the smell of my hot apple cinnamon cider is even more inviting than usually. It feels like Christmas. I leased a lot in a small mobile home community, my tiny house sets back  from the road a bit lined with big old oak trees with a few giant pines in the back yard. Until tonight it felt as though I was set apart from this little community because my lot is so sheltered but with the leaves gone and the snow on the ground I can see my neighbor’s porch lights and the glow from their windows. Christmas lights, trim and decorations are slowly finding there way on to peoples homes, tonight everyone is putting around and cleaning up from todays snow. I can hear the sound of their voices and the revving of their snow blowers, the back up signal from the plow trucks but its still peaceful. Sitting on my porch drinking my cider watching life in this tidy little community, people drive by and wave…it makes me feel apart of something if just a little bit. After the last few days of nearly total isolation in this house with a very sick little boy( he has croup) it felt good to see people. Isolation is one of our biggest barriers. Because Noah has such a difficult time being around a lot of stimulation when we do go to an event or gathering often times we leave early, we are not invited to a lot of social get togethers because I often times can’t make it, have to leave early or when we do make it people are uncomfortable with Noahs behaviors. If I asked to come most people would say yes but invitations are not usually given. I get it, its ok but the excuses wear on me. The holidays can be particularly difficult for my feelings of isolation. My plan this year is to make the absolute best of it, maybe even try to start some traditions of our own with Noah. I think for Thanksgiving maybe we will make homemade pizza(Noah doesn’t eat meat), apple pie and put up our Christmas tree. Take a hike ? Cook some marshmellows outside somewhere. I love the holidays, always have but this year instead of being home hurt because we wasn’t invited or because nobody came we will find OUR way of making the holidays special. We are slowly finding ourselves in this life and giving up on trying to fit into this world more and find more what fits for us. Its a hard journey but beautiful as well. A few people have asked me what it would be like spending a long winter in a tiny house and I wondered that myself, I’m quickly finding that it is OUR fit, like snuggling up with a favorite blanket, its made us closer, happier and Noah’s slowly blossoming. The Tiny house is so pretty sitting in a cloud of snow with its little white cap on it. I will take this life any day over any other !

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