Humaning The Tiny House Way !

I wrote about humaning a few blogs ago but its been on my mind a lot. How to human is something we try to avoid especially when it gets messy, looks different or is a type of humaning we just don’t know how to do. In a tiny house we are forced to face those things head on often times because there is no place else to go. I’m not saying that like its a bad thing and if it were a bad thing its good because it is the perfect opportunity to resolve it, really we just simple have to. That goes for everything from meltdowns to the potty and feet smells to where to put the Christmas tree. In the short term it can be rough at times, I’m not going to lie but in the long term it is stretching both Noah and I and even the Josiah (our cat ). We are learning to be more patient with each other, more respectful in sharing our space, excepting and embracing the closeness. We have always been close but we are like two peas in a pod in the most literal sense as well as the friendship we are building as a result of that closeness. Everything here is personal. In this impersonal world my son needs this, we need this. This is what its like to live in a tiny house. We have been here 4 months, so now I can tell you all truthfully what its like. I realize more everyday it is the best decision I could have made. The snoring and the tripping over each other the always being able to see each other, the kitchen floor is the living room floor, the playroom floor the project floor the yoga floor  and the whole house can become the most amazing train track. We don’t spend our lives cleaning, or buying.  In the end its the coolest most useful place to learn how to human. Humaning is quickly becoming a lost art but here in this little house it is being found.

Good Night Folks

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