Early Morning Noises

Woke up at 3a with lil Mr tapping on my face “drinky please” he said, tap, tap, tap. The cat was standing the front door whining like a high pitch ambulance siren. I stumble down the loft stairs blurry eyed and grumpy, let the cat out, filled up Noah’s sippy cup and climbed up into the loft and layed back down. I rolled over to avoid Noah’s tapping and then noticed it was pouring outside by the sound of the tip, tap,tip, tap on the metal roof that was just a few feet from my head. Try as I might I struggled to get back to sleep, Noah now tapping on my back, the rain seemed to get louder in intensity every seconds as I tossed and turned. Finally I started to drift off then suddenly I was startled by a high pitched MEEEEEEEOOOOW from out side. I thought JEEEESH ! After…

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