The FIRE ALARM and the SKUNK !

Tonight’s post was all told for me all but the typing as the on going saga continued last night. BOY do I have a story for you !! So if you all were reading last night you know how that went, I really thought I had a reprieve when Noah calmly went up stairs and  quickly fell fast to sleep. After I left you guys I wasn’t far behind him comfy in my sweat pants and hoodie. Sniffily and drips and all it was not long before I two was snoring. It was about midnight when I smelt it, I was sleepy and stuffy so I couldn’t figure out exactly what it was that I was smelling, I got up and slid down the ladder from the loft half asleep to investigate, by that time the smell was so strong is was choking me, I stepped outside to see where it was coming…

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