Tiny House On The Rocks !

Got a call from school at work yesterday and GUESS WHO had lice AND the elephant man face was BACK !! I can tell you this one thing if you have a child with sensory issues you DON’T want them to have both of these problems at the SAME time. When I went to pick Noah up at school he met me in tears “MOMMY I HAVE FLEAS !” he said, “they are crawling all over me! ” he wailed . So we started with a trip to Walmart to get sour patch kids for the plugged salivary gland and lice shampoo . I did a bunch of pre-teaching on the way home and during dinner, he calmed down and seemed cool with the solution. The trouble started when we started to get ready for the shower, lice shampoo in his hair , naked he dug his heels in just outside the bathroom…

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