12 thoughts on “Tiny House Living In Cold Climates -Video With Tiny House On The Spectrum.”

  1. Brr! Stay warm. Seems like perfect weather to rock my wild and crazy “meggings” lest I freeze to death! I’ve got plenty if you need to borrow a pair. ;-P


      1. Hahaha yep. I wear meggings in the winter and “Davy” Dukes in the summer. Me and my autistic fashion sense.


      2. It’s my pleasure. It takes a special person to appreciate it though. If I had a dollar for every smart remark that’s been thrown my way over my style sense I’d be rich.


      3. True. Of course when it gets too hot they have to come off (as in my profile pic).

        And you’re right. If someone doesn’t like my chosen means of personal expression (be it clothing, my ink/piercings, whatever) that’s their problem.


  2. I love the idea of a Tiny House! Glad it seems as though you’re doing the polar vortex well in it! Minimalism is something I hope to achieve someday. Thanks for sharing your experience in all this chaos!


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